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Food Waste Recycling Hereford

Food waste is one waste stream that should not be as high as it is given the food shortages in other countries. However, we understand that food waste can be unavoidable. It is what we do with it that matters. Which is why we have created these eco-friendly food waste management such as food recycling in Hereford.  

Unlike our residential home, businesses are not offered recycling solutions by the council. They need to find their own ways of food recycling by utilizing food waste companies such as ours. To learn more about how we can help your businesses reduce it’s food waste as well as recycle it, give us a call on  01432 700 529.

On top of these, our services come with free bins and we will deliver them to your business for free. We also offer tailor made collection services. We can collect monthly, weekly, or even daily depending on your business needs. 

Food Waste Description

Food waste has many definitions across the globe. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), food waste is any food including uncooked food sent to a specified list of food waste destinations such as bins and dumps, where “food” is defined as any substance that was at some point intended for human consumption. This description then  includes all kinds of food, raw and cooked, solid and in liquid form. It’s important to note that food waste is not all bad. However, it’s usefulness still depends on how the food waste is dealt with. Left to rot in our landfills, food waste can have bad consequences to our atmosphere and it has been listed as one of the contributors to global warming. 

Food waste is measured from a global scale right down to individual businesses by the help of  two indicators, the Food Loss Index (FLI) and the Food Waste Index (FWI). It was reported that in 2018, there was 9.5 million tonnes of food waste estimated in the UK, equating to a loss of £19 billion and 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. With proper food waste management such as recycling, that amount of greenhouse gas emissions could have been converted to a large amount of biofuel and energy. 

Food Waste to Energy Hereford

Food waste plays an important role for producing biohydrogen that can be utilized to produce energy. From this, you can ask questions such as, “ when is food waste, waste then?” In this instance, we can refer to food waste as food waste when it is not eaten but then it becomes natural when it is converted to good use such as energy. Here at Hereford, we ensure that your food waste is turned to good use. We divert all of the food waste we collect from ending up in landfills. With us, putting food waste to good use is a high-priority. 

Food waste occurs in every stage of food production, from farms, during transportations to consumer plates. Below is a list of major contributors to food waste:

  • Food producers. These can be the agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture sectors
  • Food manufacturers. During this stage, food waste occurs due to poor scheduling of production, late cancellation of orders, inefficient or excessive processing, mishandling and a failure to use by-products.
  • Retail. Though retailers are the least contributors to food waste, they also have a significant amount of food waste due to over-stocking products for the fear of risking a shortage for their customers, which can lead to in-store food waste.

Food Waste Recycling Hereford

Our staff will come collect the food waste at your premises at your chosen time. We’ll then transport the food waste to the recycling plants. There it will be broken down through high temperatures in an enclosed, oxygen-deprived container. This recycling process is called anaerobic digestion. It uses microorganisms to break down food waste in the absence of oxygen, inside an enclosed system. As it breaks down it gives off methane, which is collected and converted into biogas and used to generate electricity. 

This process also helps with the creation of a nutrient-rich digestate that can be used as a fertiliser for agriculture and in land regeneration. 

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