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Clinical Waste Management Hereford

Are you looking for clinical waste management solutions in and around Hereford? Hereford Waste company has all the resources you need to help you manage your clinical waste.  If you’re in the business of healthcare services, be it clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare services, you are obliged by law to have professional clinical waste management solutions in place. Here at Hereford waste, we can provide that for you at low cost.  We will help you fulfill your Duty of Care to ensure that the waste is correctly dealt with.  

Without proper waste management practices such as handling, transporting and disposal of clinical waste, it can pose numerous  health risks to the health and safety of clients, staff, members of the public and the environment as well as animals.

At Hereford WAaste, we’ll provide you with clinical waste bins and sharps bins to safely and securely store your clinical waste in. Because clinical waste can be hazardous, it needs to be managed properly by trained staff. With over 30 years of experience in the handling of clinical waste, our staff is fully equipped and receives regular training to handle clinical waste with care. 

Clinical Waste Categories

Clinical waste is categorised into four categories namely, infectious, hazardous, offensive/hygiene waste, dangerous for transport.

Infectious waste  is categorised as the type of waste that contains viable microorganisms or their toxins that can be transferred from one person to another, causing diseases in man or other living organisms.

Hazardous waste – This is the kind of  waste with one or more properties that are hazardous to health or to the environment. It has toxic substances that either react with the air or are harmful when ingested or absorbed.

Offensive/hygiene waste – this type of waste may be non-infectious and does not require specialist treatment or disposal, but is not easy on the eye hence the term offensive waste. 

Dangerous for transport – Substances with intrinsic hazards posing a potential risk to persons or the environment while in the transport chain.

Clinical Waste Containers 

We’ll provide you with free sharps containers and bins and deliver them to you for free.  All our clinical waste containers are capable of containing the waste without any risk of spillage or puncture, especially during transportation and the handling procedure. According to the British Standard 7320, sharps containers must:

  • Be puncture resistant and leak proof.  
  • Be capable of being handled and moved with minimal danger of the contents spilling or falling out. 
  • Be provided with an aperture which in normal use will inhibit removal of the contents, but will ensure that it is possible to place items intended for disposal into the container, using one hand without contaminating the outside of the container.  
  • Have a closure device attached for sealing when three quarters full or ready for disposal.  
  • Have a horizontal line to indicate when the container is three quarters full and marked with the words “Warning – do not fill above the line”.  
  • Be made of materials that can be incinerated. 
  • Be clearly marked with the words “Danger- – Contaminated Sharps Only – Destroy by Incineration”.  

Clinical Waste Disposal Hereford

Clinical waste is any waste which consists of human or animal tissue, blood or other body fluids, medicine or other pharmaceutical products, swabs,syringes, needles or other sharp instruments. These materials need to be disposed of carefully in such a way that poses no risk to human health, our environment and our animals.

The clinical waste that can be recycled will then be sent to recycling centres that specialise in clinical waste recycling. But  before anything can happen, disposal and recycling alike, the waste will be treated to rid it of any toxicity and infectious properties. 

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